Recycler Transforms Trash to Liquid Treasure


Raheem Huseinbhai, a high school sophomore, spent nine months collecting bottles, aluminum cans and plastics for a special cause. Multiple hours were invested each week collecting and sorting everything to be taken to a local recycling center for cash payments.

Raheem’s goal was to direct his earnings from his recycling efforts toward a viable water project in Africa. Supported by his mother’s personal commitment to match whatever amount he could raise, Raheem called on four gyms, several stores and family friends for the full nine-month period. He circulated a letter to prospective clients explaining his purpose; “We can convert one person’s trash to another person’s hope!”

Raheem was able to contribute $1,650 toward his water project in Africa. He chose The Africa Oasis Project to carry out his wishes. “This great young man’s gift will be used to provide a much-needed well in Tanzania,” states Ron Hanson, AOP representative.

AHM NewsSource – 2008

Prisoners Partner for Clean Water in Africa

Dr. Sam Huddleston, Assemblies of God leader in Northern California/Nevada, recently accepted a speaking invitation at the infamous Soledad Prison. Three chapel services offered Huddleston opportunities to talk about the serious water needs he saw first hand while visiting in Africa. Following his visit to Soledad a check was received for The Africa Oasis Project. A total of $1,000.00 was received in the offerings collected during chapel services.

Rev. Judge Lindsey, a chaplain at Soledad Prison, explained that the residents there earn between $25 and $40 per month. These funds are used to provide for their personal needs. The inmates’ chapel offering exhibited true sacrificial giving from their meager earnings to bring hope to Africa.

AHM NewsSource-2008

Water, Water, Every Where, … Nor Any Drop to Drink!

Renown words from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner ( Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English Poet) sound somewhat prophetic related to the new millennium and this era, sometimes referred to as a thirsty century.

The world’s oceans contain 97% of Earth’s water resources – salty. Fresh water accounts for only 3% of available water. Some estimates have two-thirds of that 3% in the earth’s icecaps and glaciers.

With less than 1% of all the Earth’s water available for humans, the anticipated increase in human need for water over the next few years is foreboding. Already an estimated 20% of the world’s population does not have access to safe potable water. A full 50% of Earth’s people lack safe sanitation.

While attention levels are rising about this critical issue, more needs to be done, at every level of society, to avert a continually increasing tragedy of disease and death. Effective interventions and impacting modifications abound. A critical issue is that of possessing the will to act.

AHM NewsSource 2008